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No, it’s not a joke: it’s really free to use our website to view all of our data.

And if you feel like giving back, we would be happy if you’d join our community of contributors!

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What’s so special


All of our data is built and served in a way that can be interpreted by other programs. This is the foundation of the next generation of aviation.

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Guaranteed sources

We control very closely the quality of our sources, and we guarantee the most critical data.
With contributions from EASA, FAA, ICAO and many Civil Aviation Authorities around the globe.


Strong community

Our users are the core of aviowiki. You can contribute to the quality of the amazing data we serve, and work as an undercover spy everywhere you go!

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Constant updates

Nothing in the world is static, and aviation data is no exception. With a dedicated Data Team and thousands of spontaneous contributions, we are the most up to date aviation data source, scoring better than any competitor.


New, better data

Leveraging latest technologies like Machine Learning and the power of the internet, we actually make new sets of aviation data that help you run your business.

For example, we harvest information from social media and local news outlets to make sure we’re always on top of changes.


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