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Fuel Product

The Fuel Product can describe any product used as fuel for an aircraft.

The units of measure available are volumetric since the billed amounts are always metered by volume.

aidstringA string with the AID of the Fuel Product, with FPR as namespace.
typestring, nullA string indicating the type of fuel product being described.

Possible values are:
JET_A for JET A fuel
JET_A1 for JET A-1 fuel
JET_B for JET B fuel
TS1 for TS-1 fuel
AVGAS_100_130 for AvGas 100/130
AVGAS_100LL for AvGas 100LL
AVGAS_91_96UL for AvGas 91/96UL
JP5 for military kerosene JP-5
JP8 for military kerosene JP-8
MO_GAS for regular automotive gasoline
DIESEL for regular automotive diesel

null if this information was not added.
pricenumber, nullThe unit price for this Fuel Product.

null if this information was not added.
currencystring, nullThe ISO 4217 3-letters currency code.

null if this information was not added.
unitstring, nullThe unit of measure to which the price refers.

possible values are:
LTR for liters
USG for US Gallons
IMP for Imperial Gallons

null if this information was not added.
limitedAvailabilityboolean, nulltrue indicates that this Fuel Product is available in limited quantity only and that, therefore, operators should make reasonable prior arrangements before planning on uplifting it.

false if the stock level allows usual uplifts to happen without prior arrangement.

This property only indicates stock levels, and any other prior arrangement required for payment or other purposes is not taken into consideration.
parentstringThe AID of the Provider which offers this Fuel Product.


  "type": "JET_A1",
  "unit": "USG",
  "currency": "USD",
  "price": 3.47,
  "limitedAvailability": false,
  "aid": "FPR-8P21-2ZOY"
  "parent": "PRV-234K-APDB"
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