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Operational Notes

An Operational Note is a textual information that is intended for airport users, and that cannot be otherwise modeled in any other value.

Scenarios that should be entered as Operational Notes include occurrences such as potential delays, special events, parking restrictions, etc.

⚠️ Operational Notes should not be used for temporary airport closures, runways closures, or any other information that can be modeled in Availability or any other part of the data model.

aidstringA string with the AID of the Operational Note, with OPN as namespace
validFromstringAn ISO formatted date-time string that indicates when the Operational Note is first in force. This is expressed in Local Time.
For example 2020-01-30T08:00:00.
validTostringAn ISO formatted date-time string that indicates when the Operational Note ceases to be in force. This is expressed in Local Time.
For example 2020-02-02T18:59:59
criticalitystringA string indicating the level of criticality of the Operational Note.
Possible values are:
INFORMATION_ONLY for information that have no operational impact. Knowledge is considered relevant to make the operations smoother, but no operational impact arises from not knowing of it. For example: JET-A1 pressurized refueling not available. Only overwing refueling possible.
OPERATIONALLY_RELEVANT for information that may have an operational impact, but are not critical. Not knowing such information will likely have minor operational impact in the form of delays or inconvenient to the crew or passengers. The flight can still take place under all circumstances. For example: Parking stands in front of the FBO are closed due to Work In Progress. Only remote stands available with car transfer to the FBO.
OPERATIONALLY_CRITICAL for information that is relevant and critical. Not knowing will likely have major operational impact up to refusal of service. Performance of a flight might not be possible in all conditions. For example: ILS CAT I inoperative, or JET-A1 fuel not available.
sourcestringA description of where this information was originated.
For example Airport Authority or Ground Handler or Local news.
notesstringThe text of the information that is to be displayed to the human.
For example JET-A1 pressurized refueling not available
parentstringThe AID of the Airport at which this Operational Note is applicable


   "validFrom": "2020-01-30T08:00:00",
   "validTo": "2020-02-11T23:59:59.999",
   "source": "Local Handling agent",
   "criticality": "OPERATIONALLY_RELEVANT",
   "notes": "Expect severe delays daily 0800z to 1000z and 1600z to 1800z due to VIP movements.",
   "parent": "APT-1CMK-9QU6",
   "aid": "OPN-LD9N-US8M"
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