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Airport by codes

aviowiki exposes three endpoints to retrieve basic airport information given a ICAO, IATA or FAA code.

These endpoints return a single result if a match is found in our database or error 404 if no match is found.


For ICAO codes:


For IATA codes:


For FAA codes:


Request Example

curl --request GET \
  --url 'https://api.aviowiki.com/free/airports/icao/EGGW'

Test it now

Request Parameters

One of the following parameters is to be provided, according to the endpoint used.

icaostringPathThe ICAO code to search in the database.
iatastringPathThe IATA code to search in the database.
faastringPathThe FAA code to search in the database.


The response will be an object containing the below properties, or 404 in case no match is found.

aidstringA string with the AID of the airport, with APT as namespace
icaostring, nullA string with the 4-letters ICAO code of the airport, ornull if none is assigned
iatastring, nullA string with the 3-letters IATA code of the airport, or null if none is assigned.
faastring, nullA string with the FAA code, or null if none is assigned.
coordinatesobject, nullA Coordinates object which represents the location of the Aerodrome Reference Point.
This is null when the information is not known.
countryobject, nullA Country object which represents the country at which an airport is located.
timeZonestring, nullThe timezone of the airfield as noted in the IANA Time Zone Database.
null indicates that this information is not available.
namestring, nullThe name of the airport. This should be the official name of the airport written in Latin characters.
servedCitystring, nullA string containing the name of the city served by the airport. In some countries, like the USA, this includes the state. For example: Los Angeles, CA.
This is null when the information is not known.

Example Reply

Below is an example of the reply for ICAO code EGGW:

    "aid": "APT-YYZE-6ZNT",
    "icao": "EGGW",
    "iata": "LTN",
    "faa": null,
    "name": "London Luton",
    "coordinates": {
        "latitude": 51.8747222,
        "longitude": -0.3683333
    "servedCity": null,
    "country": {
        "iso3": "GBR",
        "iso2": "GB",
        "isoNumeric": 826,
        "name": "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland",
        "continent": "Europe"
    "timeZone": "Europe/London"
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