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Object Identifiers

Every object represented in our database, which is individually addressable, is assigned a unique identifier that we call AID, or aviowiki ID.

AID Composition

AIDs are formed of to parts: the namespace (A) and the identifier (B).

The namespace is a way to quickly determine what type of object an AID refers to. For example, AIDs starting with APT refer to an airport, while those starting with RWY refer to a runway.

The identifier is a unique combination of eight letters or numbers, all capital (in Regular Expression:[0-9A-Z]).

Every namespace, therefore, allows a total amount of addressable objects of 2,821,109,907,456.

To avoid confusion and improve readability we follow these rules when displaying AIDs:

  • Always use block capital letters
  • Use a font type that makes easy distinctions between similar characters, like the number zero and the letter O
  • Separate the namespace portion from the identifier with a dash
  • Break down the identifier portion with a dash after 4 characters
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