A new era for aviation data

The first complete, relevant and fully digital collection of aviation data ever created.

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More than you have ever seen

We don’t limit our efforts to copying existing public sources and re-brand them, but we build new smarter data.

Some of our unique features are

  • Accurate taxi times derived from actual flights, organized by aircraft category (biz jet, regional, airliner)

  • Airport and FBO opening hours that you can trust, constantly verified against actual movements

  • Live and real alerts, so you always have the most relevant information. No NOTAM is as accurate.

  • Performance data readily available. Because calculating ISA deviation is just a basic requirement.

  • The smallest amount of free-text data ever encountered in an aviation database. Because this is the present, anything else is only past.

  • The easiest API for aviation data. No time wasted figuring out stuff, just get the job done.

Use it as you need

Because it is all digital, you can create amazing products using our data.

Tables are boring, build amazing visualizations and services on top of the best aviation data source ever!

A strong community

Our collaboration platform allows dispatchers, pilots, ground crew, plane spotters, and just about anyone knowledgeable to suggest amendments and additions to the data.

We leverage modern technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, to evaluate the quality of contributions and make sure we maintain the integrity of the dataset.

And it’s free
Yes, € 0.-

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Explore the data using our interface and discover a new world of aviation data.

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